CCTV  Detective camera

The importance of security measures cannot be gainsaid in Kenya today. Our experiences with terrorists, and criminals is continually growing.

As they come up with new schemes to hit us, we must continually up our game as well. We must ensure that we have enough deterent measures to keep them away.

No criminal wants to imagine that he is being seen as he commits crime , much less as he he plans to execute crime. That is why the camera is definitely a very powerfull deterent to crime. No criminal will want to commit crime with cameras all around him. Because most criminals always hope that they will never be found out. The camera means that he will be found out somewhat.

We at Sahel Security Concepts want to partner with you in this regard. We want you to find out what is happening around your home in real time. Even inside your home. You might have a house worker who you want to check ones in a while. Or some teenager who is asking for a bit of supervision. Closed Circuit Television has for a long time been the preserve of a privileged few. But Sahel are making the facility affordable by all. We have come up with packages that are pocket friendly.

All our products come with one year warranty.

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